Department of Human Services
  • Food Stamps
    Food Stamps
    Q: I currently receive Food Stamps. Does my eligibility change? 
    A: No. Eligibility criteria for Food Stamps remains unchanged. 

    Q: I currently receive Food Stamps. How much extra do I get? 
    A: Effective April 2009, the allotment will be increased by 13.6%.
    For example: If there are 3 people in your household and your current benefit is $250 each month. In April, you will begin to receive $284 each month.
    ($250x13.6%=$34.00. So, $250+ $34=$284.00).

    Q: Do I have to reapply or call someone to get the increased amount? 
    A: No. The increase is automatically added for all current food stamp recipients based on eligibility status.

    Q: Are all households eligible for this increase? 
    A: Yes. Every household receiving food stamps is eligible for this increase.

    Q: Will there be any back benefits issued to Food Stamp households? 
    A: No. The increase is effective April 2009 forward.

    Q: Is there also an increase in the income guidelines for receiving food stamps? 
    A: No. The income guidelines will not change until October 1, 2009.

    Q: Will the food stamp allotments change on October 1, 2009? 
    A: No. At this time, there is no increase in the allotment for October 2009.

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  • Medicaid/FMAP
    Q: How much addition federal funds will New Jersey receive as a result of the Increased FMAP in accordance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)?
    A: New Jersey will be determined by actual expenditures as well as any changes to New Jersey’s unemployment rate. Preliminary estimates are approximately $2.2 billion over the 27 months.

    Q: Will Medicaid provider rates be increased with this additional funding?
    A: No. The additional funding during this period is designed to provide financial support for the anticipated increase to the existing caseload and to assist states in minimizing any reductions in services.

    Q: I am a Medicaid recipient. Will there be more providers added to the program with this stimulus funding?
    A: No. The number of Medicaid providers available is not determined by this additional funding.

    Q: Will this additional funding be used to expand eligibility of Medicaid to higher income populations?
    A: No. The additional funding during this period is designed to minimize any reductions during the recession. There is a requirement that states must not have more restrictive eligibility standards, methodologies, or procedures than those in effect as of July 1, 2008. In order to continue receiving the Increased FMAP, New Jersey will continue to cover only individuals currently eligible for Medicaid.

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  • Child Care Assistance
    Child Care Assistance
    Q: How will the child care funds help children and families in New Jersey?
    A: The child care funds allocated to New Jersey will be used to meet the existing program needs for child care services. The states are awaiting federal guidance on permissible spending options.

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