July 9, 2010
  1. Introduction and Welcome of Department of Education Staff
  2. Update on DOE Programs:
    1. ARRA Preschool Award
    2. ARRA IDEA Part B Award
    3. ARRA Title 1 Award
    4. ARRA Homeless Award
    5. ARRA School Improvement Grant Award
    6. ARRA Educational Tech Award
    7. ARRA State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Award (ESF and GSF)
    8. Race to the Top Application
  3. Update on the status of this quarter’s 1512 reporting – Reporting period ends July 14, 2010.
  4. Briefing from Adel Ebeid: Broadband Opportunities Technology Program Public Safety Interoperability Application, and Notice of Award $5.1 million, Thomas Edison College Information Technology for Libraries
  5. OMB Budget ARRA report as of 07/07/2010
  6. GAO comments, if any.